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Anal showers

Anal showers
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Anal douche for wonderful anal splash-pleasure! With this syringe you can suck in liquid and pump i..
Black 8.45 us fl oz intimate douche with a detachable slim-shaped squirter attachment. Full size: 9"..
Black intimate shower with three different attachments. One attachment slightly curved, the others a..
For an erotic shower! Enjoy a special kind of shower with this black anal douche which has an attac..
Anal showers made easy! This anal douche »Douche Small« is easy and perfect preparation for pleasur..
For sensual shower pleasure! Screw the wavy butt plug attachment onto your shower hose and pamper y..
Red squeezer ball and two interchangeable attachments - one for anal, one for vaginal showering. Jus..
Simply fill the squeeze bulb (4.15", Ø 2") with any liquid and enjoy tingling sensations at your whi..
Mini syringe for squirting sensations! Either at home or if you're out! Just insert the hard syringe..
There is something for everybody in this set! Do you like anal games? Then this black set is perfec..
Mat/transparent intimate shower with 2 attachments of different length (2 or 4 openings) Capacity: 3..
For intimate squirting pleasures! Black intimate shower (height 5", volumetric capacity 10 us fl oz..
For anal squirting pleasures! Anal shower with glans-shaped tip, 5 squirt openings on the top and 4..
Gentle personal body cleaning and a squirting fun! 8.5 us fl oz intimate shower douche wi..
Silver-coloured anal shower with stop-valve. Total length 6.5", insertable depth 4.75", ø 0.79". Mat..
For arousing intimate showers on the road! You dont need to abstain from your intimate showers while..
For delightful spray feelings! Transparent intimate shower (4.75" high, volumetric capacity: 5.5 us ..